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Herbal Sensitive Set

Herbal Sensitive Set

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50 ml

The Herbal Day Balm with natural herbal extracts is characterized by a gentle, pleasant texture and is particular suited for the lipiddeficient, dry skin. Skin is optimally conditioned and protected

against UV radiation.

Naturalness proportion: 97,5%

  • supllies dry, sensitve skin with moisture
  • increases skin resistance
  • soothes irritations and redness
  • effectively protects against cold and rough weather
  • the outcome: resistant and completely protected skin 

Application: Mornings, gently apply to cleansed skin.

50 ml


For sensitive, dry skin

Johannis Creme Night Care with natural herbal extracts is characterized by a gentle, rich texture and is particularly suited for the sensitive, dry skin. Skin is conditioned and able to optimally recover overnight.

Naturalness proportion: 97,9 %

  • refills the moisture retention storage of sensitive, dry, moisture deficient skin overnight
  • soothes irritation and redness
  • acts as a shield against damaging environmental influences
  • brings the skin back to ist natural balance and gives it a velvety softness