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ANTI-AGE Ultimate Lifting Eye Care

ANTI-AGE Ultimate Lifting Eye Care

Biodroga MD
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15 ml

The formulation of our eye care is light as a feather and is optimally compatible with very sensitve eyes. Highlight-ingredient of the Eye Care is the Periorbital Complex. This additional ingredient contains special plant extracts rich in flavonoids and secondary plant-based substances. It offers a particularly broad activity spectrum for a radiant, even-toned, firm eye-area. The innovative NOVA PEPTIDE3 Technology with the 3 Special-Peptides Clothide, Pentalactin and Tripeptide-5 precisely combats against a wide variety of signs of skin aging. The signal peptide Clothide copies the cell activating effect of the youth hormone Clotho and combats against the loss of skin density and declining resilience. Pentalactin reactivates “sleeping” skincells and stimulates their vitality. It accelerates skin cell renewal, slows skin aging and activates the skin’s natural cell purification process. Tripeptid-5 is biometric and activates TGF (Tissue Growth Factor), thereby activating collagen synthesis, diminishing wrinkles caused by aging and reducing collagen break-down.
  • With Periorbital Complex for a radiant, even-toned, firm eye-area
  • Lifting-effect on the upper eyelids: Diminishes droopiness
  • Smooths eye wrinkles and reduces dark circles
  • Promotes collagen synthesis and protects from collagen breakdown and saccharification
  • Diminishes wrinkles and improves skin elasticity
  • More luminosity and a refined skin structure
  • Improves skin density and firms contours 

Application: Apply to cleansed eye contours.