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SKIN BOOSTER Hyaluronic Acid Gel Concentrate

SKIN BOOSTER Hyaluronic Acid Gel Concentrate

Biodroga MD
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BIODROGA MD SKIN BOOSTER Hyaluronic Acid Gel Concentrate is a real moisture and regeneration fountain for acid-treated skin. High-molecular, biotechnologically gained hyaluronic acid supplies skin with long-lasting valuable moisture and protects it against dehydration. The additional use of super hyaluronic acid (with a targeted molecular modification) promises an excellent water-binding capacity in the epidermis. A proven skin-softening effect is the consequence. Dryness lines are visibly diminished and skin looks soft and supple.
The peptides of the synthetic thymic peptide library, STPL II,  copied from nature, have a high biological activity and belong to the messenger substances. They support the physiological skin function in order to counteract the premature skin-aging process. They also improve skin’s vitality. The ingredient STPL II  is clinically tested and patented.
Rose flower extract has harmonizing, light astringent and clarifying properties. Cucumber extract is particularly effective on large-pored skin. It firms and refreshes skin.

•Supplies skin with lavish and long-lasting moisture and protects it against dryness
•Binds moisture in skin (depot effect)
•Skin-softening effect for a soft, smooth skin surface
•Regenerates skin
•Diminishes dryness lines
•Improves the cell regeneration
•Reactivates the functions of the skin cells
•Has a balancing and clarifying effect
•Firms and refreshes skin
•Has light pore-refining properties
•Without colorants, fragrances, emulsifiers, mineral oil and parabens 

Application: Apply to cleansed skin, briefly pat in, immediately apply care afterwards.