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MEN Sensitive After Shave Balsam

MEN Sensitive After Shave Balsam

Biodroga Bioscience Institute
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The SENSITIVE After Shave Balm with licorice root extract, magnolia extract and panthenol has a calming and anti-irritative effect and helps to counter skin impurities and diminish inflammations. It improves skin's natural repair functions, strengthens its protective barrier and keeps ist supple and soft.  

  • Diminishes irritations and redness after shavig
  • Strenghtens skin's barrier function leaving a pleasant skin feeling
  • Improves skin's protective function
  • Prevents inflammatory skin processes
  • Unpleasant tautness feelings are diminished

Application: After cleansing, clarifying and shaving, apply to face and throat and work in. Spare our eye contours!