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Menopause is a time of transition for every woman. Due to the falling estrogen level (female hormone levels), about a third of the skin collagen is lost in the first five years after menopause. Our largest organ loses stability, volume, water storage capacity and radiance due to the loss of hormones. The skin collapses, it becomes inelastic, and the facial contours sag. Especially the lower facial area with chin, lateral cheek area and transition to the neck begins to droop and sag. This changes the entire shape of the face: the youthful V (V-shape) becomes an increasingly angular face (A-shape). All these processes cannot be completely stopped. But the skin can be optimized with selected care products. Power products of the BIODROGA Bioscience Institute PERFECT AGE line create a V-lifting effect with unique active ingredient power packages. They lift the facial contours upwards and strengthen them. Selected ingredients such as our Black Forest Complex, Monk’s Pepper and Biopeptides tighten and restructure the facial skin, stimulate collagen synthesis, prevent further loss of elasticity and stabilize the moisture balance of the demanding skin.

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  • Biodroga Perfect Age Serum
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