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Moisture Deep Moist Black Night Care

Moisture Deep Moist Black Night Care

Sans Soucis
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50 ml

The Night Care perfectly supports skin during its overnight regeneration, strengthens its natural protective mechanisms and replenishes its moisture depots. Skin gets an energy kick while signs of fatigue are efficiently countered. 

Naturalness proportion: 94,2%

  • promotes the skin in ist natural regeneration
  • strengthens the skin's own protective mechanisms and fills up itsmoisture depots
  • the skin receives an energy kick, combatting signs of tiredness in the mornings 
  • signs of fatigue are efficiently countered


Beauty Detox! Toxins not only burden the environment, but also our skin. The black activated carbon is known in cosmetics for its cleansing and detoxifying properties and has an antibacterial effect. In black night care, Charcoal Powder provides the new trend colour - because black is the new white for the night.

Application: In the evenings, apply to cleansed skin.